Accommodations for Muslim Players Observing Ramadan Fast During Matches


Muslim players who have been fasting during Ramadan are allowed to take a break during Tuesday’s Premier League matches. According to referee agreement, they may pause play to take on energy supplements at the earliest convenient moment, such as goal-kick, free-kick or throw-in. So, the matches briefy be paused for Muslim players.

Burnley had three Muslim players, including Abdoulaye Doucoure, Amadou Onana and Idrissa Gueye on the field who have observed the fast. The match was stopped in the 26th minute to allow these players to break their fast and reenergize.

For the evening games, there may be Muslim players who are participating in games like Leicester versus Aston Villa, Bournemouth versus Brighton and Leeds versus Nottingham Forest. The kick-off for the Chelsea versus Liverpool London match at 20:00 BST happens shortly after sunset on Tuesday, allowing the fasting players to break their fast before the game. Match officials may agree to delay the start for these games by a couple of minutes.

The Ramadan month follows the lunar calendar and fasting players should continue playing during the winter. Toffees midfielder Doucoure said he always “loves” observing this month. He stated that it is sometimes hard to observe it during pre-season but he is grateful to practice fasting.

On the other hand, France’s Football Federation (FFF) told its officials that stopping play to allow Muslim players to break their fast is not allowed. Last month, Nantes defender Jaouen Hadjam was absent due to his wish to observe the fast, although fasting on matchday is discouraged as matches are intense and requires energy.

It is important to uphold the respect to religion and faith of these players while keeping in mind the security of their health when competing in the matches.

The company mentioned in this article is the France’s Football Federation (FFF). This professional governing body of football in France was founded in 1919 and is headquartered in Paris. It is responsible for the governance of football in the country and for ensuring the organization, management and rational use of football within its jurisdiction. The FFF publishes its rules and regulations, offers referee and coaching courses, and runs several annual tournaments (including the Coupe de France). It also promotes French football by organizing international tournaments and friendly matches.

The person mentioned in this article is Toffees midfielder Abdoulaye Doucoure. He is a French professional footballer who plays as a midfielder for Everton. Doucoure has been a professional since 2008 and has represented France at various levels, including the U-20 and U-21 teams. Doucoure has become an integral part of the Everton squad since joining the club in 2018 and has previously represented clubs like Rennes, Watford and Granada. He stated that he always “loves” observing Ramadan and is grateful to practice fasting.