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AFL Reduces Waiting Times for Fans to Get Beer and Pie at Games

AFL Reduces Waiting Times for Fans to Get Beer and Pie at Games

The AFL is taking a big step forward to make the footy experience even better, as they plan to eliminate long queues for beer and pie at games. Marvel Stadium in Melbourne will introduce Amazon’s innovative ‘Just Walk Out’ technology, which takes the hassle out of paying. Items will be contactless, which means fans will be able to use their debit, credit card or mobile wallet in order to pay for their items. This will ensure that fans don’t have to leave the game to purchase food or drinks.

Kylie Rogers, the AFL’s customer and commercial executive general manager, has highlighted the importance of bringing a next-level experience to fans. This will allow them to spend more time enjoying the game without waiting in a long line.

The technology is already in use in the US at sports venues such as TD Garden, home of the Boston Celtics. People purchasing alcohol will still need to go through age verification but everything else will be contactless. The outlets will be installing sensors for the Just Walk Out technology to recognise purchases which will be charged as customers leave the store.

Amazon is a multinational technology company known for its highly advanced technological applications. The Seattle based e-commerce giant was founded over two decades ago and since then has gone on to become the most valuable company in the world. It’s innovative contributions to the technology world with apps such as Alexa and services such as Amazon Prime have had widespread overnight success.

Kylie Rogers has been working in the AFL’s customer and commercial department since early 2019 and takes great pride in her work. She oversees a team which is dedicated to finding the best ways to improve the fan experience and the Just Walk Out technology was just another step in the right direction for the organisation. The technology provides many advantages for footy supporters and streamlines the process when it comes to purchasing food and drinks as well as giving them more time to enjoy the game.