Agreeing with the Pace of Change


OPINION: There’s nothing wrong with picking up the pace in today’s world. We are constantly being incentivized to keep up with the ever-evolving technology and culture that is changing faster than ever before. As we get older, it can be easy to forget to step back and savour the moments, however, this does not mean that we should forget to keep up with the pace of the world.

Case in point: Major League Baseball’s pitch clock. A change like the pitch clock may be looked upon as a negative transformation of the game, unfairly taking away opportunities, aspects, or norms of the past. But the reality is, that times are changing and the pitch clock has only improved the game, cutting the average game time by almost 27 minutes. Spending less time at the ball park in exchange for more quality time doing more important things sounds like a win-win. And there was hardly any complaining in response when it was implemented.

Another example of how life can be sped up to no detriment is in Norwalk’s Men’s Softball League. Instead of allowing pitchers to have three warm up throws between innings, the League opted for just one, with no infield ball. This saved an estimated one hour per night, and with 162 games in a season, that adds up to 81 hours and two full work-weeks extra back in the lives of participants.

Life before us passes us by and time doesn’t wait for anyone. It is important to make the most of every day and prioritize with the limited time we have. We should make sure that we are taking the time to appreciate everyday moments, as well as keeping up with the developments around us. That is why it is ok to pick up the pace, so that we can enjoy life to the fullest.

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Joe Centers is Reflector Community Editor at the Norwalk Reflector publication. He is a proud sipper of the Polar Pop and active member of the Sip and Save Club, yet recognizes that if he continues to drink soda, he will eventually receive a warning from his doctor. Joe is typically a fan of staying in the moment and taking a deep breath away from the bustle of the day-to-day, but he also acknowledges the importance of keeping up with the times. Through the conversations he has with his friends and colleagues, Joe emphasizes the importance of appreciating all of the moments, big and small. And he also understands that, as we age, time doesn’t stay still and slowing down does not always have to be an option, but rather an opportunity to jump in and enjoy the ride.