AI Transforming the Creative Landscape of Hollywood


AI is shaking the Hollywood’s creative foundation and its potential impacts are raising questions regarding intellectual-property rights. Court officials and entertainment executives are scrutinizing its impact as developers of artificial-intelligence tools continue to push the boundaries. An example of this was seen recently when Paramount Global’s Technology Chief, Phil Wiser, previewed potential risks and wonders of artificial intelligence to the company’s CEO Bob Bakish and others.

Mr. Wiser utilized an AI tool dubbed DALL-E to show the power of AI. He asked the tool to produce imagery of SpongeBob SquarePants flying a plane, and in under a second the requested image was presented on a large TV screen in the presentation room. Following this, he requested another image of another Paramount character, Transformers’ Optimus Prime, this time being asked to show the character on the Paramount Studios lot. Another image was produced with robotic Optimus next to the lot’s cafe.

Paramount Global is a technology and media conglomerate which is a subsidiary of ViacomCBS. Its technology division works on finding the potential of AI that can be used to enhance the software used across all its divisions. Its main goal is to collaborate with its media division and create better media experiences for its fans.

Phil Wiser is technology chief at Paramount Global and has played a key role in the company’s journey to incorporate AI into its software. He has extensive experience with mobile, digital and other technologies which he has applied to Revolution Studios, which was bought by Paramount in 2019, and at various other organizations. During his time at Paramount, he has utilized his technical know-how to come up with innovations in software that utilize AI and its benefits.

By leveraging AI and its capabilities, Paramount is attempting to aim for innovation and create better products. However, with the legal and ethical challenges AI presents, further discussions will have to be had before these new tools can be put into effect. The questions AI may raise will need to be discussed in the coming years, and as of now, the impacts of AI on Hollywood remain to be seen.