AI ushers in a New Era for Ownership of SpongeBob in Hollywood


Artificial-intelligence (AI) tools have been increasing in popularity in Hollywood and have caused a stir in the media due to the legal implications of their use. In particular, the issue of intellectual-property rights raises questions about who owns the content produced. Paramount Global, a company focused on technology, used one such tool to explore the implications of AI-driven creativity.

Phil Wiser, Paramount Global’s Chief Technology Officer, used the AI tool DALL-E to explore these implications by creating images such as SpongeBob SquarePants flying a plane, and the iconic Transformer character Optimus Prime on the Paramount studios lot. These examples were presented during a meeting with Bob Bakish, Chief Executive of Paramount Global, and other leaders.

Paramount Global is a company dedicated to providing its customers with world-class technology and services. Founded in 1933, the company helps customers leverage technology in order to maximize business value and achieve their goals. From feature films to digital video, animation, video games and more, Paramount is on a mission to help give its customers the tools they need to succeed.

Phil Wiser is the Chief Technology Officer of Paramount Global. He is a highly experienced executive with over 20 years of experience in technology, product development, and digital media. He has held key leadership roles at top companies such as AOL and Yahoo!, and holds a Masters Degree in Industrial Engineering from Stanford University. Wiser is an advocate for using innovative technologies to help customers leverage new opportunities and to shape the future of the entertainment industry.