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Amsterdam to Introduce New Measures Limiting Cars in City Centre

Amsterdam to Introduce New Measures Limiting Cars in City Centre

Amsterdam is taking strong steps to reduce the number of cars in its city center. The Dutch capital is proposing new restrictions on through-traffic on several streets in order to reduce the number of cars and create more space for pedestrians and cyclists. This includes around their largest urban park, Vondelpark. To implement the plan, they plan to use an inexpensive and very Dutch approach: blocking the roads with “flowers”.

CityLab is reporting on this story today, written by Sarah Jacob, outlining Amsterdam’s push to keep cars out of the area. According to the article, these changes will create more public space, reduce air pollution and make it smoother for cyclists and pedestrians.

In addition, architects in Washington D.C. are pushing the limits of transparency with the construction of a new building. The proposed project utilizes new technology and a different procurement process to create a transparent building that has never before been seen.

On the other side of the Atlantic, New Zealand has offered options for the next Auckland Harbour crossing. The government has released several potential plans for the crossing, giving individuals the opportunity to provide feedback on the proposed bridges and tunnels.

Finally, wealthy suburbs in New York City have come together to fight against a state project that will require housing increases over the next three years. Politicians and residents of the surrounding suburbs claim the project will “destroy” their communities and are pushing back against the initiative.

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Sarah Jacob is a reporter at CityLab, which is a part of The Atlantic. She focuses mainly on housing, public transport and regional development. Sarah has years of experience in researching and writing about European urban issues. She is a Belgian native and currently resides in Amsterdam.