Amul’s Growth as a Reputable Brand Through Its Supplement of Organic Products to Its Dairy Portfolio


Amul is a renowned name in the dairy industry in India. Founded 85 years ago in Gujarat, it is the market leader among the state’s milk cooperatives. Amul practices ethical and sustainable business in the milk production industry, working in partnership with the National Dairy Development Board and its 3.6 million milk producers, ensuring them fair and stable prices. Jayen Mehta, MD of Amul, believes that the strength of the brand lies on its strong core dairy product portfolio, backed by a big selection of organic products.

He also expresses his satisfaction in the increase in milk procurement in the month of March, which has seen a growth of 3% and expects to see a 6-10% increase from April onwards. Additionally, he believes that their portfolio of fresh products helps add value to their products, with an additional range of value-added dairy items like butter, cheese, ghee and shrikhand all seeing a growth of more than 20%. He also emphasizes their ambitious goal of achieving a sales turnover of 1 lakh crore by 2025.

Jayen Mehta also highlights how the growth in the dairy sector positively contributes to the rural economy, emphasizing that 80-85% of money spent by consumers on Amul products goes directly to farmers. Productivity enhancement and improvement also aid in the rise of the rural economy, streaming from consistent increase in milk production, thanks to the intervention of cooperatives.

In conclusion, Amul’s success as a formidable brand is not only driven by a strong core dairy product portfolio and big selection of organic products, but also their sustainability, ethical practices and interconnections with their milk producers. As Jayen Mehta states, it is clear that the brand’s expansion plan will undoubtedly have a positive effect on not only the producers pocketbooks but also the general rural economy.