Anurager Chhowa: New Interesting Twist Revealed


The popular Bengali TV show ‘Anurager Chhowa’ is is currently reigning at the top of the TRP charts. The show stars the adorable television couple Dibyojyoti Dutta and Swastika Ghosh as the main leads and is said to have adapted the plot from the Malayalam hit soap opera ‘Karuthamuthu.’ The story revolves around the protagonists’ Surjyo and Deepa who have been through many ebbs due to a misunderstanding that separated them, but things have now taken a positive turn and marked a milestone in their journey.

The couple, who have twin daughters Sona and Rupa, are now coming closer and are on their quest to find out the biological daughter. According to the storyline, Deepa will soon be entering the Sengupta household to reunite with her husband. Labanya and Prabir, which are played by Rupanjana Mitra and Debdut Ghosh, will mediate and convince her to come back.

The viewers of the show are excited to see the reunion of their favorite couple and the makers have yet another twist in the story that will excite the audience. With the presence of antagonists Urmi and Mishika, the question remains whether Surjyo Deepa be able to find happiness together or not.

The show has managed to keep its fanbase interested with regular plot twists and events. Not only that, but the chemistry between Dibyojyoti and Swastika has become vogue amongst the viewers. The upcoming turn of events is set to keep the viewers glued to their television sets and will prove to be an interesting watch.

The makers of ‘Anurager Chhowa’ have had several awards to their name like the Golden Lotus Award for Best Revival Fiction, Star Jalsha Awards for Best Serial, and ZEE Bangla Arundhati Awards for Best Serial among others. They have established a reliable presence in the Indian television industry.

Dibyojyoti Dutta, one of the lead characters of the show, has previously featured in the movie ‘Rajlokhi O Srikanto’ and the TV series ‘Prothoma Kadambini.’ He has also won the Best Actor award in the 2019 MAA Awards ceremony for his performance in ‘Anurager Chhowa.’ On the other hand, Swastika Ghosh is known for her roles in ‘Shesh Theke Shuru’ and various other TV series. She has won several awards for her performances on the small screen.

The storyline of ‘Anurager Chhowa’ is taking interesting turns and making it engaging for the viewers. While the audience awaits the return of Deepa to revive Surjyo-Deepa’s paradise, the makers are surely set to stay ahead in the TRP charts with their upcoming plot twist.