Attorneys Argue in Favor of Dismissal of Lawsuit Against Favre


Attorneys for longtime NFL quarterback and Hall of Famer Brett Favre are seeking the dismissal of a civil lawsuit filed against him by the Mississippi Department of Human Services (MDHS). The suit alleges Favre is responsible for misusing welfare money; however, Favre’s lawyers argue the department lacks evidence and is attempting to deflect from its own culpability.

The MDHS claims Favre is responsible for misusing millions of dollars of federal Temporary Assistance for Needy Families money. Funds were allegedly misspent on projects that Favre supported such as a volleyball arena at his alma mater, the University of Southern Mississippi, and the development of a concussion treatment drug by a company that he had invested in. In a response to the department’s statements, Favre’s attorneys maintained there is “no legal, factual, or moral basis” for the agency’s claims.

Favre has also filed three defamation lawsuits against Mississippi State Auditor Shade White and two former NFL players, Pat McAfee and Shannon Sharpe, who have made critical comments towards him on their sports broadcasting programs. As of yet, no criminal charges have been brought against Favre. However, other individuals implicated in the misspending including John Davis and Nancy New have pleaded guilty to criminal charges.

The company mentioned in this article is the University of Southern Mississippi where the volleyball facility funded by Favre was built. The individual mentioned in the article is Nancy New, the director of a nonprofit organization linked to Favre and the concussion drug and volleyball projects who has since pleaded guilty to criminal charges.