Axis’23 Arms Show a Big Success in Nagpur

Image credit: The Times of India

AXIS’23, the annual technical festival of Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology (VNIT) recently held in association with The Times of India, was a huge hit with its arms show offerings. The Indian Army and Navy, showcased some of their latest developments in arms and military equipment and these impressive exampled left the participants and onlookers in awe. Other aspects of the festival included robotic wars, automated car race and robotic cups that allowed the participants to draw out their technical and engineering skills to vie for top position.

The evening concluded with comedian Pratyush Choubey’s humorous and witty performance, putting an entertaining conclusion to a day of learning, excitement and fun. The weapon presentations were the highlight of the day and included models of planes, guns and other Defense equipment. Other activities that the participants got to indulge in were aqua skylark, crepido and autobot; quizzes and debates were also held throughout the day.

The Times of India, that is behind the coming together of this grand technical event, prides itself in its extensive coverage of news and information related to businesses, sports, politics and world affairs. This company is one of the most renowned media companies in the world, offering a variety of publications both in print and online and is a trusted source for reliable information.

Pratyush Choubey, the comedian behind the uproarious performance that rounded off the evening, is a prominent and renowned figure in the Indian comedy scene. He is known for his ability to use sharp wit and wit to captivate audiences with his gregarious and impulsive humor. As a result, he has managed to established his status as one of India’s premier comedians and provides a novel twist on classic stand-up comedy.