Back To the Future! Rollerblades Revived by Barbie Trailer


The upcoming Barbie movie has brought a piece of nineties nostalgia back in the form of rollerblades. After Ryan Gosling’s character was featured wearing a pair in the trailer, these skates have seen a resurgence in style – with the perfect reason to get back into the sport. Whether you’re looking to get fit or use the rollerblades for commuting, now’s the time to purchase and hit the roads.

When shopping for rollerblades, keep in mind that the term “Rollerblades” is actually a specific brand of skates, while the correct term is “inline skates”. Beginner skates should prioritize comfort and stability above all else, as this will be your foundation for learning to skate properly. Also be sure to measure correctly for the most comfortable fit, as both size and width come into play for the ideal skating experience.

Rollerblades from Liku provide wear-resistant wheels and a thick, breathable memory foam for feet of all shapes and sizes. Bladerunners have gained acclaim for their stability and comfort, with 4.5 stars from customers on Amazon. Roller Derby also has adjustable rollerblades for recreational skating, lightweight with a foam-padded lining for comfort. Of course, there’s also the Barbie-pink edition that comes with neon accents, which is the perfect way to get into the spirit while partying or leisurely skating. Finally, the Miami-inspired rollerblades from feature plastic shells with 72mm wheels that are suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Rollerblades is the leader among inline skate brands, and brands of inline skates are available to buy online through the official Rollerblades store. There’s never been a better time to invest in a classic pair of rollerblades, as they come back into style with the wave of nostalgia from the upcoming movie. Check out the diverse selection of rollerblades that have been stocked up to make sure you find the perfect fit for the warmer weather.