BBC Radio 4 Tribute: Remembering Arthur Ashe


BBC Radio 4’s new series is featuring a great life – the remarkable story of Arthur Ashe. Born in Richmond, Virginia during the time of cruel segregation, the US Open singles champion challenged the status quo, travelling to St Louis and then to California to compete against white players. Ashe’s heroic life was cut short when he had a heart attack at just 36, and ultimately succumbed to AIDS at the age of 49.

The series’ producer, Miles Warde, looks to capture the inspiring journey of Ashe with historic interviews, as well as a interview with author Raymond Arsenault discussing his book ‘Arthur Ashe: A Life’. Taking cue from this amazing life story is filmmaker and broadcaster Qasa Alom, who was enthralled by Ashe’s incredible story. “Arthur Ashe is an extraordinary example of a champion who doesn’t shout the loudest; success to him isn’t the most outspoken or ostentatious – and what an important reminder of this character is,” shared Alom.

The legacy of Arthur Ashe remains with us, inspiring many to become the best versions of themselves despite the toughest of obstacles. His example of grace and courage, paired with steely resolve stand as examples of greatness and fortitude for all.

As for the person mentioned in this article, Arthur Ashe was a professional tennis player and a social justice advocate who became the first black player to win a singles championship at the US Open and at Wimbledon. His life story is one of incredible courage and determination, despite the racism and discrimination that he faced throughout his career. His courage and wisdom will continue to inspire generations to come.

The company mentioned in this article is BBC Radio 4. BBC Radio 4 is one of the longest running radio networks in the UK and airs a variety of content from current affairs programs to comedy and music. The station is highly respected for the quality of its output and has won numerous awards for its productions, including the new series, Great Lives, featuring the amazing story of Arthur Ashe.