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Biden Discusses AI Risks and Opportunities with Experts

Biden Discusses AI Risks and Opportunities with Experts

President Joe Biden will convene the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology (PCAST) on Tuesday, April 6, to discuss the risks and opportunities associated with advances in artificial intelligence (AI). The meeting aims to examine the ethical implications and safety considerations of these new technologies and to consider how they impact national security. Currently, AI poses a number of concerns regarding privacy, data collection, and digital competency, especially among children and vulnerable populations.

The discussion will ultimately consider how the U.S. can protect its citizens and their privacy while capitalizing on the potential of AI research and development. The advancement of AI have been largely spurred by the development of the AI chatbot chatGPT which sparked a race amongst tech giants to create similar tools as well as a variety of ethical and societal concerns.

PCAST is a group of elite scientists, engineers, technology and medical experts co-chaired by the White House’s president-ranked Director of the Office of Science and Technology Policy, Arati Prabhakar. During Biden’s meeting with the team, he will stress the importance of legislation protecting children’s data and restricting the data that private companies are allowed to access.

The artificial intelligence industry is quickly becoming a focal point within the global technology sector, while the U.S. strives to become a world leader in the development of AI. As the market rapidly grows, Biden’s goal is to ensure that the rights and privacy of citizens remain protected. Ultimately, the meeting will help to provide a roadmap as to how the U.S. can maximize the potential of AI while ensuring that the safety of its citizens remains a top priority.