Biden’s Risky Debt Strategy Examined


President Joe Biden promised to be a unifying force when he ran for election in 2020, to repair both the customs and culture of politics. But Biden’s approach to banking on America’s finances to satisfy his political ambitions is bringing out criticism from many Democrats in Congress. Biden refuses to budge and has refused to negotiate a deal to raise our country’s borrowing limit – something many presidents before him had done. His Press Secretary claims that Congress has a “duty” to accept Biden’s legislation, which features an increase in borrowing with no restrictions on spending.

Relating to this, the federal debt has now reached historic levels with Biden at the lead. While Biden has yet to prove successful in his promise to calm Congress, he has illustrated that he is more than willing to take risk with American’s finances for the sake of his political agenda.

This sentiment has resonated with the American people. Biden’s refusal to find common ground for the nation’s greater good has generated little enthusiasm among voters. And the consequences of Biden’s requests and refusal to negotiate could still put Americans in further debt.

Biden is no stranger to politics nor the power of compromise. He had served in the Senate for decades, making it all the stranger that he would dramatically adjust course. One could ask if Biden’s sudden change of heart is simply a ploy to secure his place on the far left of the political spectrum.

Whatever Biden’s motives may be, his actions suggest that he is willing to take risks with our country’s finances in a way that could hurt the American people in the long run. Only time will tell if Biden can balance his ambition and demonstrate the bipartisan leadership he promised during his campaign.