Braze and Rackspace Technology Strengthen Partnership with Multi-Year Agreement to Drive Future Growth and Innovation


Braze, a comprehensive customer engagement platform, has recently solidified its relationship with Rackspace Technology® (RXT) to ensure sustained growth and innovation for the company. As an existing customer of ObjectRocket, Braze will allow Rackspace Technology to oversee their MongoDB® databases while providing cost predictability and scalability. Rackspace Technology also affords Braze with high availability, disaster recovery and fault tolerance.

The dynamic between the two companies has made substantial progress with the newly formed multi-year agreement. This includes the approval of the leadership and board of directors recognizing the importance of such collaborations. With such convenience and reliability, Braze’s CTO Jon Hyman states his elation in such agreement and its ability to support future growth.

Rackspace Technology is a competitive asset in the industry by providing a wide range of data stores and multicloud technology services. It has offered long-term investment opportunities for Braze as well as upfront support that ultimately helps provide customer satisfaction.

Jon Hyman is the co-founder and CTO of Braze, an ambitious individual evaluated for his formidable achievements. With an extensive background in engineering, product, and customer success, Jon has not only contributed to Braze’s customer-centric methodology, but also has elevated the caliber of customer engagement for invaluable brands.

With a booming partnership, Braze and Rackspace Technology have made a strong point on customer protection and growth through mutually beneficial transitions. This includes improved cost predictability, scalability, disaster recovery, optimization and streamlined finance. With a profound customer-centric mindset, Braze and Rackspace Technology are continuously aiming to better their services to uphold brand loyalty and customer satisfaction.