Businessman Evading Arrest in US Now in Russia


A fugitive businessman wanted in the US has resurfaced in Russia, sparking a frenzy of media coverage that reflects the tense relations between the two countries. Artem Uss, 40, had escaped from house arrest in Italy one day after an Italian court approved his extradition to the US to face charges of money laundering and sanctions evasion.

Uss had been detained at Milan’s international airport in October last year, subsequent to US authorities pressing charges on him for criminal conspiracy, fraud and money laundering. Despite the Italian court’s decision in December to move him to house arrest, Uss managed to elude them and arrive back in his native Russia.

In a statement, Uss claimed he initially believed in the “impartiality of the Italian court” but found its ruling “politically biased”. The press service of Uss’s father, the governor of the Russian province of Krasnoyarsk in Siberia, reportedly confirmed his son was back in Russia, although he has not escaped legal repercussions yet, as he is still facing money laundering charges in Russia.

Uss was co-owner of the German-based commodities trading and industrial equipment business called Nord-Deutsche Industrieanlagenbau. According to American prosecutors the company was used to buy sensitive US military technology and then smuggle it to Russian entities, and also smuggled hundreds of millions of barrels of Venezuelan oil to buyers.

Despite the legal issues he is facing, Uss is off the hook for now. He has been released on the condition of not leaving Moscow, pending a pre-trial hearing into the Russian money laundering charges.

The company Nord-Deutsche Industrieanlagenbau is essentially a commodities trading firm with a global reach covering Europe, Asia, and the Americas. It imports and exports industrial equipment, commodities, and other goods related to the energy, metals, and chemicals industries. It is headquartered in Hamburg and has affiliates, offices and associates in major cities throughout the world.

When Artem Uss, 40, is not in the news for his alleged illegal activities, he is usually described as a successful businessman and businessman. He is the governor of the Russian province of Krasnoyarsk in Siberia, as well as the co-owner of Nord-Deutsche Industrieanlagenbau. Prior to his legal issues, he was also involved in a number of foreign projects, investments, and IT-focused consulting assignments. Uss is known to be active in the Russian and international business communities, often attending industry events and conferences outside his home country.