Caitlin Clark Takes a Stand: Defending Angel Reese Against Criticism


The NCAA women’s national championship game was all that college basketball fans could talk about. And the post-game celebration by LSU’s Angel Reese sparked an even louder, more controversial discussion. But Iowa Hawkeyes’ star Caitlin Clark is coming to the rescue and defending Reese’s celebratory gesture, saying that she shouldn’t be criticized “at all”.

In the battle against the Cardinals, Clark put up an incredible 41-point triple-double, during which she performed the same “you can’t see me” gesture that Reese did at the end of the national title game. But, while Clark was not criticized or vilified for her actions, the same can’t be said for the LSU player.

However, Clark believes that her and Reese’s emotions should be embraced and that’s what makes the game so much fun for everyone, competitor and fan alike. She believes that it’s the passion of the players that draws fans in and keeps them watching and interacting. “Nobody wants to tune in and not see people be competitive and passionate about what they’re doing,” she said.

The National Player of the Year and Wooden Award winner stands by her belief that everyone should be allowed to wear their emotion on their sleeve and showcase their passion for the game, something she hopes will remain true for sports for years to come.

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Caitlin Clark is a freshman at Iowa University, who has put together a phenomenal season both individually and teamly in the NCAA tournament. She won the AP National Player of the Year and Wooden Award, she recorded a historic 41-point triple-double against Louisville, and put together a stellar season, earning a spot in the tournament and helping her Iowa team reach the Final Four. There is no doubt that Clark will be an unignorable name in upcoming years.

Angel Reese is the buzz of the nation after her game-winning performance in the NCAA women’s championship game vs. Stanford. She was named the Most Outstanding Player of the Tournament and capped off the win with a “you can’t see me” gesture at the free-throw line that fired the LSU crowd up. However, Reese has earned criticism for her celebratory move, but Iowa’s Caitlin Clark was quick to come to her defense, saying that players should be able to compete with emotion and show passion for the game.