Candidates for Charlestown District B Share Platforms


Contested races are always an exciting event in Charlestown, and the May 2 primary is no exception. In the Republican race for District B council, two candidates have stepped up to the plate: Donnie Thomas and Ronald Blevins. Both have platforms they are eager to share with the city and improve the quality of life for the citizens of Charlestown.

Donnie Thomas, a union pipefitter and project manager for Alpha Mechanical Solutions in Louisville, has had seven years’ experience working with the Little League Board in Charlestown as well as coaching. His platform of making Charlestown more kid-friendly, creating more activities for the youth and investing in infrastructure for smarter growth has been well received by residents. Thomas also wants to attract the right companies to make life easier for families in need.

Ronald Blevins, a special education teacher for Greater Clark County Schools and involved in his family’s business, believes he has the perfect understanding of the challenges Charlestown businesses currently face. He has heard the desires of residents and wants to invest in law enforcement for the city’s safety and incentives for businesses, including more restaurants. Blevins also looks to create more fine art programs for the youth not interested in sports.

Alpha Mechanical Solutions, mentioned earlier in this article, is a leading Kentucky-based mechanical contractor providing commercial HVAC, building automation/controls, and plumbing services to customers in the Louisville and surrounding areas. They have been providing their services for nearly 20 years, making them one of the most experienced team in the area.

Donnie Thomas, the union pipefitter and project manager at Alpha Mechanical Solutions in Louisville, is a dedicated member of the Charlestown community who seeks to improve the quality of life in the area. As a member of the Little League Board and long-time coach, Thomas has first-hand experience of how to create an environment conducive to growth and development for the city and its youth. His main goal is to make Charlestown an even better place to live and grow for future generations.