CashApp Founder Reveals Injury Suffered in Disturbing Video Footage


Bob Lee, a father of two and founder of CashApp had his final moments filmed while walking down Main Street in downtown San Francisco. Surveillance cameras captured the tech entrepreneur desperately seeking assistance after being stabbed. Lee, 43, had been a chief financial officer of Square, the app founded by Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey. He had left the company in order to establish the mobile payment company, Cash App. After Lee crossed the intersection at Harrison Street, he lugged his way to a white Toyota Camry, lifted his shirt to display he has been stabbed, but the driver sped away. He then stumbled across the foot of the bridge and he fell in front of an apartment complex.

The San Francisco Police Department arrived soon enough at the scene, but the victim was rushed to the hospital and eventually expired due to the injuries. Bob Lee and his wife Krista had two daughters, and he had previously moved to Miami with his father in October 2022. Ultimately, he returned to San Francisco for a work trip, and decided to stay an extra day. However, he was attacked before that day ended and met his demise.

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and Twitter, had questions for the San Francisco’s district attorney Brooke Jenkins, who he asked to take stronger action to incarcerate repeat violent offenders in the wake of Lee’s death. His friends, Joshua Goldbard and Bill Barhydt, both shared their memories of Lee and noted his massive impact on technology, where he had been instrumental in the birth of Android and Cash App, alongside the development of Moby, a privacy-protecting wallet for the 21st Century.

Lee had been an active investor in numerous startups and technology companies, including SpaceX, Clubhouse and Figma. Lee is an example of the increased rate of criminal incidents in San Francisco. According to reports, the city has experienced a 2% increase in criminal activity compared to last year. This rising crime rate has posed a serious threat to the city and Mayor London Breed requested an additional $30 million in funding for the police force to combat these issues. Currently, the shortage of officers in the SFPD and the long-overdue overtime pay remains a cause of concern and has prompted the police department to place an emphasis on targeting crime hotspots in the city.

Square, the app founded by Jack Dorsey, is a fintech giant and has become one of the most popular payments processors in the world. Square’s Cash App is now offered in both the US and UK and is continuing to grow in popularity. Its platform provides easy and secure mobile payment services, allowing users to send and receive money, purchase bitcoin and stocks, and even start a business. Dorsey has expressed shock and sadness at Lee’s death and given his integral role at the company, his advice and understanding of the company will be sorely missed.