Tennessee’s Political Tensions Grow Between State and Its Cities

Tennessee's political landscape is heating up with the expulsion of two Democratic state representatives by the Republican majority last week. Cities in the state controlled by Democrats are now clashing with Republicans over taxes and social services, resulting in a power struggle between the two parties. With its major cities growing in population, Tennessee's political future looks increasingly unpredictable.

Bodies Discovered After Tension in Chhattisgarh, Internet Connectivity Disrupted

This article explores the tension triggered by an incident in Biranpur village of Bemetara district, in Chhattisgarh, India. It talks about two bodies found and the presence of over 1000 police officers to maintain peace, how the father-son duo succumbed to injuries due to attack, and other necessary details. High-level administrative probe is underway and Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel condemned the BJP's communal messages. Content is focused on promoting peace in the region.

Revanth Reddy Alleges ₹100 Crore Hospital Land Deal Worth ₹800 Crore

Telangana Congress president A. Revanth Reddy has levelled allegations against the state government for supplying land worth ₹ 800 crore at a much lower price to a corporate hospital. He further suggests that powerful individuals are taking advantage of their influence and resources. The proof and documents are presented to the media, leaving Telangana government with no way to protect the culprits.

Export from India – Vessel Ready for Departure

This article discusses India's export strategy and potential advantages of trading with other countries, such as Germany, Russia, New Zealand, and Singapore. It also focuses on the policies that can help India become a top competitor in the global trade community, such as policy support, capital funding, export basket improvement, and infrastructure development. Learn how India's success hinges on these seven key factors.

BJP First List Does Not Include Jagadish Shettar

In the recently announced candidates list by BJP, former Chief Minister Jagadish Shettar was absent, though he requested to be part of the upcoming Assembly elections. Experienced MLAs, Shankar Patil, Arvind Bellad, Amrut Desai and new face Kranti Kiran have been chosen to contest. Mr. Modi aims to foster the cause of economic growth and development, and the exclusion of Shettar is in line with the party's policy of 'diversity over dynasty'.