Interview with Investor Lauren Maillian: Five Important Questions

. Lauren Maillian is a major force in the investment world for the past 5 years. During her role as CEO of Digitalundivided, Maillian spearheaded their biannual reports, "ProjectDianne", to track women entrepreneurs and drive change through advocacy. She also formed partnerships with leading companies to quadruple the organization's revenue. Her portfolio and data-backed research have shaped the industry to secure futures for Black women and Latina founders and set in motion real, tangible change.

iPhone 15: Dummy Unit of Apple’s Next Smartphone Leaked

Apple, one of the top players in the tech industry, is set to revolutionize its next iPhone with a solid-state volume button, USB-C charging port and an Ultra-Wideband chip. Rumors suggest USB 3.2 and Thunderbolt 3 will be included in more advanced models. Expected to launch in September 2021.

PGMOL Appoints First Technical Director During Controversial Season

The PGMOL (Professional Game Match Officials Limited) have made several new appointments, such as Howard Webb (Technical Director), Jon Moss (Group Director) and Danielle Every (Chief Operating Officer) in a bid to revamp their organisation and rebuild trust in match officials. Amidst the controversies of this season, the PGMOL want to ensure that the right decisions are made, respected and upheld. Keep up with PGMOL's progress today!

Ford to Invest $1.3 Billion to Transform Canadian Factory into Electric Vehicle Manufacturing Hub

. Ford has taken a $1.3 billion leap forward in its electric vehicle journey, transforming their Oakville Assembly plant into an EV hub. This major investment is part of the global automakers mission to keep up with the innovative electric vehicle trends, creating jobs and pushing boundaries. The 407,000-square-foot facility will produce lithium-ion cells and battery packs that will power EVs. Ford's commitment to the environment and their passionate employees will benefit from this ambitious project.

Hackers Target iPhone Users with Invasive Spyware Sent via Calendar Invites

QuaDream is an Israeli cyber mercenary company specializing in developing zero-click exploits for iPhones sold to government customers worldwide. Microsoft and Citizen Lab recently exposed malicious calendar invites used to hack iPhones of journalists and NGO workers. QuaDream allegedly used InReach to sell spyware to bypass the Israeli Export regulator. Controversy around QuaDream has been brought to light, resulting in a need to limit the damage caused by these mercenaries.