UAE Telecom’s Super App Leveraging Indian Playbook

This article from Breakingviews focuses on how the United Arab Emirates is increasingly becoming a technology and investment hub. With its wealth and resources, Emirates Telecommunications (e&) recently invested $400 million in a “super app”, and $4.4 billion in Vodafone last May. Such an example of smart investments and pioneering technology is leading to an economic resurgence in the Middle East. As such, e&'s sky-high valuation offers great prospects for businesses in this region.

Debate on Unconventional Punishment Parents Dealt to Daughter

A father sparked debate by bestowing an "unusual punishment" on his teenage daughter. The US dad unplugged the family wifi router and took it to an event when his daughter refused to go. Many parents questioned the morality of punishing a common teen temper tantrum. Is physical punishment ever justified?

Tech Stocks Riding High Heading into Earnings Season

Take a look at the tech sector rally this year! Apple, Microsoft, and other stocks have seen impressive gains on the S&P 500. But earnings season is the buzz saw that could hurt the momentum - with profits projected to fall by 15%. See how the tech giants face risks - learn about NVIDIA Corporation and other industry trends. Find out how it could all affect your investments!

COVID Testing to End in May as US Health Emergency Declines

This meta-description provides information on the impact of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services' public health emergency declaration due to the coronavirus pandemic. Learn what it means for free COVID-19 testing availability and the roles companies like Abbott Labs and individuals like Jennifer Kates are playing to improve public health outcomes.

Macron on US and China: Saying What Others Won’t

President of France, Emmanuel Macron has suggested that Europe should strive to stand independently from US when it comes to trade with China and Taiwan or risk becoming vassals to superpower. As the US-China trade war intensifies and Europe begins to diverge from US policies, Macron's statement has raised the attention of American public and raises the possibility of pivot away from Ukraine conflict. But is the message something to worry about for the U.S.? A unified Europe would benefit from standing independently from US but could risk authoritarianism. Is Macron's statement the impetus to address and move towards a more unified and independent Europe?