China Urged to Use Its Influence with Russia for War Restraint by Brussels


The president of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, has called on China to use its influence with Russia to end the ongoing war in Ukraine, during her planned joint visit to the country with French President Emmanuel Macron. Pointing out Beijing’s ties to Moscow, von der Leyen said the Chinese had a responsibility to influence the situation and that they could play a “constructive” role in bringing peace to Ukraine.

The Chinese President Xi Jinping recently visited Moscow, but has yet to contact Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, who Macron is hoping to speak with during his three-day state visit. Macron is looking for China to have a “game-changing effect in the conflict” and to use its ability to convince Russia to make the necessary changes to end the war.

The French leader will be accompanied by Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire and Foreign Minister Catherine Colonna, and 50 corporate representatives from large organisations such as EDF, Veolia and AirbuS. The purpose of the trip is to create ‘more predictable’ diplomatic relations with China – and also to consider the potential to revive the EU-China Comprehensive Agreement on Investment, which stalled in 2021.

China is not the only one with influence in this situation though, as president Macron is also looking to take a central role in political efforts to end the war. Furthermore, there are still discussions between France and China over issues such as providing help to civilians in the region.

The visit of Emmanuel Macron to China highlights the importance of the EU’s trade relationship with the country. Despite the tensions geopolitical tensions that exist, the French president’s visit is a sign of hope for peace and a clear statement for strengthening diplomatic bonds with the Chinese government.

Airbus is a French aerospace manufacturer with global operations. It is one of the world’s largest aerospace companies and is known for its commercial aircraft and military aircraft. Airbus is also involved in helicopter manufacturing, satellite systems and other related advanced technologies.

Catherine Colonna is a French diplomat, and the current Minister of Foreign Affairs of France. She held numerous positions in the French foreign service, such as the Ambassador of France to Canada and the High Representative for Franco-German Cooperation in the French Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs. Her role in the Macron-Leyen visit to China places her in an important position in regards to peace negotiations.