Chris Pratt: ‘The Super Mario Bros Movie’ is an Engaging Comedy with Heartfelt Moments


Hollywood star Chris Pratt is all set to bring the classic Nintendo video game, Super Mario Bros., to the big screen. In a statement to ETimes, the actor opened up about bagging the ‘dream role’ and lending his voice to the titular figure, Mario. Joining the magical journey to the Mushroom Kingdom is Charlie Day as Luigi and Anya Taylor-Joy as Princess Peach, who, undoubtedly, is a total badass.

What appealed to Chris about the opportunity? He admitted being a fan of the game since his childhood and taking the plunge in a wet cement, fleshing out the story with his creative ideas. Chris found many common points between himself and Mario, from the way they yearn to be special and impress their families to stepping out of the comfort zone and take a risk in life.

On being asked, who is the Luigi in his real life- Chris said it has always been his brother, who swaps roles as Mario and Luigi throughout their lives. When it came to Toad, Chris emphasized the character’s knowledge and sage wisdom saying, “He’s a defender of the Toads and he’s hilarious”.

Talking about the film, the actor was clearly delighted and teared up with pride. The Super Mario Bros movie is funny, beautiful, has a lot of heart and all the nostalgia.

Illumination and Nintendo are the two powerhouses of the respective domains who have formed a ‘dream team’ to create the film. This unprecedented collaboration of four Marvel Cinematic Universe star (Chris Pratt, Charlie Day and Anya Taylor-Joy) and two giants of the video game industry is set to create a great synergy and everyone is highly optimistic about their future projects.

The Super Mario Bros movie is undoubtedly a dream come true for the star and fans alike and they will all have a great time watching the movie.