Colbert Following His Olympic Dream Despite Missing School


Freya Colbert has managed to accomplish extraordinary feats in the pool with her impressive performance of a full set of four European Championship medals, including Gold and Silver for relays and an individual bronze for the 400m IM. At just 19 years old, she managed to do this feat all despite missing out on prom and key school milestones.

Colbert hails from Grantham and has managed to make huge strides in her swimming career, training at the British Swimming Performance Centre in Loughborough and representing the nation at the 2022 World Championships the last summer. She only sat half of her A-Level exams as they clashed with the aforementioned event, being in and out of school since. Although a little regretful at times at the things she had to give up to pursue her dreams, Freya acknowledges that the medals make it all worth it in the end.

Colbert returns to the British Swimming Championships which is a flagship domestic event held at Pond Forge in Sheffield from the 4th to 9th April. This meet will act as a key event in the selection process for the upcoming World Aquatics Championships happening in Japan in July. Freya is more than excited for it, citing her newfound confidence and outlook on swimming, with a definite shot at qualifying for the Olympics in 2024.

Having already made waves in the sports scene, The British Swimming Performance Centre in Loughborough is the go-to place for aspiring athletes, providing a world-class environment for swimmers to hone in on their talents and reach their goals. The centre offers a range of facilities, training sessions and even boasts its own Swim Academy, providing guidance and support to their athletes.

Colbert continues to move onward and upward with her career, proving to the nation the incredible heights that athletes can reach despite age or a disrupted school life.