Colgate Introduces Sustainable Toothpaste Tube: Affordable and Eco-Friendly


Colgate-Palmolive Co is one of the leading global manufacturers of household products, including toothpaste, dish soaps, and pet food. As a sustainability focused company, Colgate is committed to reducing waste, and has recently developed a modified, cheaper version of its recyclable toothpaste tube that requires 16% less plastic and is lighter, making it more efficient to ship. Ann Tracy, the company’s Chief Sustainability Officer, has been instrumental in these efforts.

In an interview with Reuters pertaining to the new tube, Tracy highlighted their goal to make the product cheaper for consumers without charging them extra for sustainability-friendly product – the company has absorbed these higher costs in the past. The current rate of Colgate’s toothpaste units sold in a recycled tube stand at 77% in North America, and that figure is expected to reach 95% by the end of 2023. But there still remains a challenge in ensuring consumers recycle the toothpaste tubes properly, as there is still a fear of contamination from non-recyclable tubes. Tracy hopes to share Colgate’s technology with other manufacturers to help speed-up this process.

In conclusion, Colgate is dedicated to making their products more sustainable and efficient, and its Chief Sustainability Officer Ann Tracy has been instrumental in this process. Their work in developing a cheaper, more efficient tube that requires less plastic is an impressive, important step in the right direction.