Combating Poverty and Social Inequality: Government Initiatives in Coimbatore


The Tamil Nadu governor, R N Ravi recently highlighted the need to end poverty and social inequality during an award ceremony hosted by the KG Foundation in Coimbatore. While addressing the audience he pointed out that although there have been efforts to eradicate poverty, they have yielded little success and that poverty and social inequality continues to exist. He stated that only through understanding and responsibility towards those affected by poverty can alleviation and justice be achieved.

Governor Ravi also addressed the social discrimination faced by those in a poorer economic climate, fueled by caste. Referring to heinous events such as feces being thrown into water tanks in a dalit colonies, he made clear that we have to move past a time of division and come together to better our society as one. He attributed this revitalization of India to the ‘young minds’ that have the power to turn India into a world leader by 2047 if we all pull together towards the same cause.

The KG Foundation is a not for profit organization aiming to improve public wellbeing in the Coimbatore area. Through its initiatives, this organization is trying to reduce poverty and create an environment of fairness and equality. It holds annual awards to honor individuals that have set an example in this area and already improved the lives of those affected around them.

G Bakthavathsalam and Ashok Bakthavathsalam, the chairman and managing trustee of the KG Foundation and KG Hospital and Post Graduate Medical Institute respectively, accompanied the governor during the award ceremony and praised those who have worked towards a better future for those in poverty.

In conclusion, it is clear that the focus must be on reducing poverty and social inequality while creating a sense of understanding and unity in order to propel India onto a path of growth and progress. Without a unified effort to help those who are most vulnerable in our society, this future cannot be achieved and, thus, we must stand together to ensure a prosperous India.