Congress Workers Protest in Violence-Hit Rishra, City Forbidden


On April 5, Congress workers gathered in Rishra, West Bengal to attempt a peaceful protest but were forbidden by the police as Section 144 was imposed in the area. As the police had put up barricades to prevent the protesters from entering the violence-ridden area, the workers claimed that they merely wanted to meet the victims of the clashes.

One protester spoke to ANI, recounting the incident. He argued that they had asked the police several times if they could meet the victims, but the Section 144 prohibition in the area hindered them from doing so. He further commented that the police should take proper action against those called upon to play cheap politics with the people and their situation.

Congress is India’s oldest political party, having been established in 1885. The party, which is the largest democratic political organization in the world, believes in the ideologies of freedom, social reform, and equality for all. Over the years, the party has fought for national unity, and their policy of non-violence and peaceful foreign relations have defined the scope of Indian politics for decades.

ANI, a notable national news agency, was established in 1931. Since then, it has played a major role in India’s news and media industry, covering multiple walks of life from politics, economics, entertainment, sports, and more. Apart from domestic news, ANI also covers international news on multiple platforms including the web, radio, and television.

As the protests came to a standstill, the people of Rishra hope that the police and government officials will take the necessary actions to resolve the violence and keep people safe. The incident provides insight into one of the pressing issues in India, concerning the power of civil disobedience in a democracy. It is, however, vital that protestors should stay within the law and exercise their right to peaceful protest, no matter what the situation may call for.