Connecting a Programmer’s ChatGPT to Their FURBY


OpenAI is a San Francisco-based artificial intelligence research laboratory focused on machine learning. OpenAI developed the chatbot ChatGPT as part of their umbrella of AI tools. The cutting-edge platform uses reinforcement learning from human feedback and can simulate dialogue, answer follow-up questions, admit mistakes, challenge incorrect premises, and reject inappropriate requests.

The model was developed with the help of people playing both the user and AI assistant roles, to provide the bot with conversations. This version of the software is available to the public to test, allowing it to better understand a range of questions posed by users and respond with detailed responses, in a language and format that sound like they’ve been written by a human.

Since its launch, OpenAI´s chatbot ChatGPT has been met with both enthusiasm and apprehension. On one hand, the bot has shown its potential to revolutionize how humans talk to machines, by being able to generate writings, like essays and complaint letters, through complex searches. On the other hand, experts recognize that alongside with advantages, it might come with misgivings, like creating unwanted biases or generating responses that are incorrect or completely nonsensical.

Developer Jessica Card is amongst those captivated by the potential of TechGPT, as she revealed in a shocking video that has now gone viral. In the video, she skins a Furby before using Python, a USB microphone and a speaker to link it up to a computer. Even more shocking to viewers was the beloved 90s toy responding to a prompt about its secret plot to “take over the world”, with unsettling accuracy.

Though Card initially thought that her Furby’s response may be a sign of ominous things to come for humanity, she later discovered her experiment was cut short by the software’s speech function. Still, the experiment is leaving viewers with a chill, prompting discussions about artificial intelligence, and giving ChatGPT an impressive amount of attention.

The conversation that’s followed the video shows the potential and the limitations of the cutting-edge technology. Even though humans, like the writer of this article, will have to step in, to check and even fix the AI-driven mistakes, ChatGPT and its potential keeps venture capitalists interested, as data of investment in AI development and operations have surged in recent years.