Damien Hirst Canvas Creates Global Art World Frenzy


Damien Hirst has made headlines with his latest venture which allows fans to create unique spin art pieces with his help. Through the use of ‘generative and machine learning algorithms’, users can choose from 25 templates made by Hirst to create their own artworks, which will then be signed by him and printed on canvas. Alternatively, they can purchase a digital version. The series, dubbed The Beautiful Paintings, will cost customers up to £5,000 to own.

Hirst commands an estimated wealth of £300 million and has become notorious for his employment of factory workers to help him produce works in mass batches. But EDEN CONFIDENTIAL is confident that the public can have faith in this project, since it fits in with Hirst’s style of using technology to challenge artistic boundaries.

In the entertainment industry, fans likely know actor Robert Pattinson for his roles in films such as Twilight, The Batman and Tenet. Their admiration for him likely grew as news broke of his low-key relationship with Suki Waterhouse, seen recently walking through the streets of Manhattan, New York. The couple have been together since 2018 and have just purchased their first property together in the Hollywood Hills.

Mitch Winehouse, the father of the late Amy Winehouse, has voiced his disapproval at actor Eddie Marsan being cast to portray him in the forthcoming biopic of Amy’s life, Back To Black, stating that he is not a ‘very attractive’ actor. Marsan, 54, showed his good-natured attitude and agreed with Mitch, becoming a far bigger fan of Mitch than of himself.

Away from the film industry, it may surprise some to know that former Formula One world champion, Damon Hill, is also an avid guitarist. Hill, 62, initially learnt how to play three decades ago whilst in a punk band at school and once asked former Beatle, George Harrison for his opinion on his guitar skills. However, the feedback was less than positive, to which Hill responded with a humble chuckle.

Finally, singer Florence Welch of the indie band Florence & The Machine recently posted a hilarious video on social media platforms, posing as a mermaid in the bathtub. The 36-year-old from London, who is known for her dreamy and sometimes ethereal music, told of how the luxurious sensation of ben underwater resonated with her childhood dreams of becoming a mermaid.

When it comes to planning a holiday with a four-legged friend, James Middleton has shared his top tips for taking one’s pet skiing. He himself recently treated his golden retriever Mabel to a skiing holiday, with helpful advice of bringing along a first aid kit and a tub of Vaseline to keep the paws burn-free. He also suggests to avoid overcrowded areas and to focus mainly on the pet’s safety and wellbeing.

EDEN CONFIDENTIAL hopes that this roundup of celebrity revelations has been enjoyable, and looks forward to keeping the public up to date with the goings on of famous faces.