Deadline Approaching for Delhi’s Kathputli Colony Residents


Delhi, the capital of India, is home to hundreds of different communities, all living together and coexisting in harmony. One such community of Kathputli Colony, a residential area in Shadipur, has been a hub of culture, music, art and entertainment since the 1960s. But the future of the residents of this community is facing a big question mark this December, as they are struggling to keep their homes viable and safe.

The Times of India reports that the Delhi Development Authority (DDA) has now set a December deadline for the residents of Kathputli Colony to vacate their homes, as the DDA plans to redevelop the area. This is a major source of concern for the people residing in the colony, many of whom are folk artists who have been living in the area for years.

In particular, this redevelopment plan is affecting the traditional puppeteers of Kathputli Colony – the legendary kathputli or “group of strings”, traditionally used in puppet performances. It is one of the oldest forms of folk art in India, and the residents of Kathputli Colony have continued this tradition even to this day.

The residents of the colony are concerned that they will be left without a place to live and without a source of income, as the traditional art form would be referred to too. Part of the redevelopment plan involves relocating over 2,800 residents of the colony to a transit camp nearby, where they would be staying in temporary shelters until their homes are ready.

At The Times of India, we understand the importance of the culture and tradition of this legendary art form. We also acknowledge the concern of the residents of Kathputli Colony, who are trying to keep their homes and livelihoods particular. We hope that the DDA will work towards a solution that is fair and beneficial for both the community and the redevelopment plan.

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The person mentioned in this article is the residents of Kathputli Colony, who are facing displacement due to the redevelopment plan. Many of these people are folk artists who have been living in the area for years, and faced the threat of losing their homes and livelihoods due to the redevelopment plan. The Times of India is dedicated to preserving the culture of this community, and to ensure that their voices are heard and respected.