Director of 2000 Match-Fixing Scandal Caught Out: Uncovering the Motivation


The documentary Caught Out has become a must-watch for many, giving them a glimpse into how the deadly game of match-fixing played out in 2000. It shows an era when cricket had not yet become a religion in India and the level of excitement around a single match was unparalleled. It captures the darker side of the game that is rarely exposed, the long forgotten scandal of 2000 match-fixing.

The makers had to dig deep to explore the motivations behind match-fixing, as most people involved still remain silent. The director, Supriya Venkatesan, explains her reasons for choosing this particular topic — to bring the events that took place to life, by researching the lack of media coverage and interviewing players who may know the truth.

Supriya, along with her team, discusses the psychological allure of match-fixing and how the captain of the team might have been swayed by the lure of money, women, alcohol, etc. She adds that the BCCI has recently taken measures to make it next to impossible for something like this to resurface.

Supriya also reveals how difficult it was for her, as a pregnant woman, to bring this project to life with great success. She acknowledges the support she got from Netflix and other production partners.

Supriya Venkatesan, the director of Caught Out, is no new face to the industry. She has a history in producing nonfiction films and stories, and is content to see OTT booming with projects on different topics. She recommends Dirty Money and The Elephant Whisperers as must-watch films on OTT.

The BCCI (Board of Control for Cricket in India) is the largest cricket governing body in India and is an important stakeholder in the sport. Founded in 1928, the BCCI organizes and regulates tournaments in all formats of cricket. The BCCI has implemented various regulations to combat match-fixing, along with anti-doping and corruption regulations.

Supriya Venkatesan is an Indian filmmaker who gained prominence from Caught Out, her directorial debut. She is a content creator who is dedicated to telling nonfiction stories and has worked on many projects before. With Caught Out, she has managed to bring a true story to life and to create a valuable message for many.