Discovering Forgotten Tunnels Hidden Under Sydney’s Heart


For the first time ever, find yourself enthralled by the mysterious tunnels under the bustling streets of Sydney, Australia. The Vivid Festival and Sony Music are collaborating to create a truly extraordinary space within the unused Wynyard Station tunnels for the Dark Spectrum show. This event will transport visitors into an eerie yet magnificent journey incorporating electronics, light, art, and sound. The eight reflective spaces each hold their own emotion-packed themes and colours, inviting guests to explore regions of constriction, pressure, reflection, and connection before experiencing a final epiphanal moment.

Bookings are essential to secure your own journey during the Dark Spectrum educational and entertainment experience which will be running from May 26 to June 17. Guests can expect to be charged $35 for adults and $24 per child.

Vivid has worked together with Sony Music, Mandylights, and Culture Creative to make this project a reality. After almost three years of planning and engineering, the venue will now be an interactive landscape filled with bright lights, lasers, and robots that will fuse digital sound and art to create a completely new experience.

With rooms such as the “Constriction” and the “Pressure”, visitors can expect to be dazzled by 150 LED ‘pipes’ hung from the roof that interact with their touch, as well as a mesmerizing array of mirrors and 50 archways. Additionally, there is an environment similar to the Avatar movie where one will find strings of light lit with illuminated plants that read and react to movement.

Gill Minervini, Director of Vivid Sydney Festival, said of the ground-breaking event, “We’re thrilled to announce this world-first experience for Vivid Sydney 2023. Dark Spectrum is a perfect fit for this year’s festival theme, exploring the intersection between human emotions, our natural environment and the urban landscape and relics of Sydney’s industrial past.”

The company behind the unique interactive space, Vivid Sydney, is the largest festival of light and music in the world. It is celebrated every winter in Australia and it aims to promote innovation and creativity as well as nurture a communal, cultural experience. The event first started in 2009 and has gained so much recognition that it was extended to a nine-day spectacle.

Gill Minervini, the Director of Vivid Sydney, is a visionary leader of the famous Australian event. She is currently the most senior executive of Vivid festivals, and her creative flair, focused ambition, and in-depth knowledge of the industry have led to the rising success of Vivid Sydney over the years. Her dedication to artistic excellence and strong commitment to developing independent Australian success stories have been key elements of the festival’s success.