Does Barcelona Value Kessie’s Commitment?


Kessie, an immensely talented midfielder from Ivory Coast, has become a pleasant surprise for Barcelona this season, maintaining a positive attitude and strong work ethic throughout the short journey at the club. Kessie’s rise to success could be rooted back to Xavi’s call which made him become part of the Catalan giants and pursue his dreams in the city. Despite being given fewer minutes on the pitch, the ambition and enthusiasm of the young midfielder to work hard and gain the trust of the gaffer have paid off, rewarding him with consistent high-quality football.

Barcelona’s strategy to bring in a certain number of talented players for free but valuable for the team has been to make the most of some of the regulations set by LaLiga’s financial fair play. Unfortunately for Kessie, the fact that his current salary falls within the category of junior wages makes him one of the top options for the transfer market. There’s a possibility that the club could reinvest the €80 million from the transfer market, easing FFP restrictions and helping the club to repatriate their long-time superstar, Lionel Messi. Despite the controversy among the board and even with Xavi’s point of view, Barcelona are determined to keep Kessie, with many teammates even referring to him as Mr. President.

The famous salute of Kessie is in tribute to his late father who used to be a soldier and always watched over the young player. With his mind having set on Wednesday’s Clasico and knowing that the two sides behind him are cheering for his best performance and possible goals, Kessie will be determined to prove himself to the club and secure a successful future here at Barcelona.

As mentioned in the article, AC Milan was where Kessie showed his true talent for the first time. After a few successful seasons and many impressive displays, Kessie has become an expectedly hardworking player, earning him fame and recognition from the fans and a long-term contract from Barcelona.

This raises the question, are Barcelona committed to Kessie? With his immense talent and consistency, it is safe to say the Catalan giants have a long-term plan for the Ivory Coast midfielder and are sure that he will be an important part of the club’s future. For Xavi’s part, his desire to keep Kessie is strong, knowing that the midfielder is absolutely determined to hit the ground running and make his mark at Barcelona.