Domestic Workers Seek Recognition and Social Security from New Government

Image credit: The Hindu

Domestic workers in the state of Karnataka have some basic and essential demands that they hope will be addressed by the new government. Mahalakshmi, a domestic worker from Vidyaranyapura, Karnataka, is particularly wishing for quality education for her two children, one of whom is in Class 5 and the other who has just completed 10th grade. She also hopes for educational scholarship from the government so that she can afford to send her children to private or aided educational institutions. Along with Mahalakshmi’s individual needs, many other domestic workers have similar wishes, including Savitha, who travels lengthy distances daily to her workplaces and wishes for the government to provide concessions on bus fares.

Moreover, the Domestic Workers’ Rights Union, which works to look after the welfare of around 6-7 lakh domestic workers in the state, is seeking collective assistance from the upcoming government. The proposed assistance includes registration and recognition of the labour force, as well as social security and other measures that would lift the burden from their shoulders. Finally, Radha, another domestic worker from Karnataka, has requested the government to go beyond the traditional rhetoric of communal politics and tap into the voices of the average worker instead.

Interestingly, the Domestic Workers’ Rights Union, which is mentioned in the article, is a non-profit organization that works to empower domestic workers and protect their rights. The Union strives to provide legal, educational and occupational assistance to such labourers and resource assistance to those who need it. They work hard to create an effective platform to address the needs of domestic workers and promote and uphold their rights.

Furthermore, the article also mentions Geetha Menon, the Joint Secretary of the Domestic Workers’ Rights Union. Geetha Menon has a long history of advocating for the rights of the lower classes, and she has been an invaluable presence in the Union. She has been spearheading the demand for recognition and social security for domestic workers, and she is a true leader who creates hope for lakhs of workers in Karnataka.

Overall, the article accurately reflects the plight of domestic workers in Karnataka and the needs that have been voiced in front of the new government. Hopefully, the new government of Karnataka will be able to make these needed changes for the benefit of domestic workers and improve the standard of living for those who provide an integral part of society.