DP World Tour Remaining Silent on Winning Ruling


The DP World Tour is a professional golf tour that has been in existence since 2006, when it was founded as a joint venture between the European Tour and the PGA Tour. Recently, the tour has been embroiled in a legal battle against the LIV Players after they requested permission to compete in a separate event, the LIV Golf, last June. The DP World Tour denied these requests, and those that participated were fined £100,000 and subsequently banned from the Scottish Open.

Notably, this case has included some of the most popular names in professional golf, such as Poulter, Justin Harding and Adrian Otaegui. These players sought to appeal the DP World Tour’s decision and, as a result, their sanctions were put on hold until the confirmation of the ruling.

The outcome of the case is now set to be revealed this Thursday, the start date of the Masters tournament this year. Sources have reported that the DP World Tour could have won their arbitration case and that, if they have, they will be able to issue sanctions to their competitors, excluding them from various European tours and potentially the Ryder Cup.

When asked for comment, the DP World Tour has opted to remain neutral, citing respect for the confidentiality of the Sport Resolution’s process. A spokesperson said: “We will make no comment on any aspect of the arbitration until the decision is formally announced.”

While the outcome of the arbitration case awaits, one can only speculate as to what repercussions will befall the LIV Players if the DP World Tour ends up on top. One thing is certain, the strategic and legal importance of this case will have a resounding effect across the professional golf world and beyond.