Ed Byrne Presents Virtual Reality Comedy Performance and Stresses Robot Not Involved

Image credit: Daily Mail Online

Irish comedian Ed Byrne has recently debuted his new virtual reality (VR) stand-up comedy show for fans around the world. This performance – filmed using a 360-degree camera – gives viewers close-up views of Byrne and audience reaction to his jokes.

In a recent press conference, Byrne opened up about the innovation of this show with PICO, the company behind the headset. He stated that he is “surprised, if I’m honest, it’s taken this long for somebody to take up the idea of doing stand-up comedy in a VR format”. He also believes that the VR headset provides an opportunity for viewers who may be intimidated by being with in a front-row seat of an audience. “It’s like watching a horror film – it’s scary, but it’s safe,” says Byrne.

Though Byrne is open to VR technology and the many possibilities it provides, he does admit that it does add more pressure for comedians. When producing for the show, Byrne has to perform the set from start-to-finish, as this new format does not allow for editing or trimming like in regular performances. Despite his concerns, Byrne is confident that AI will not be replacing him any time soon.

PICO is a brand that designs and manufactures innovative consumer electronics, including headsets, projectors, robots, and other products. Their collaboration with Byrne on this project has allowed comedy to be consumed in a totally new format and has pushed them further for providing the most immersive experience possible.

Ed Byrne is a renowned 50-year-old Irish comedian and presenter. He’s well-known and appreciated for his roles on British comedy panel game shows Mock The Week and Have I Got News For You. He’s been a stand-up comedian and entertainer for over thirty years and is currently touring his show Tragedy plus Time, inspired by the passing of his younger brother Paul, who died in February 2022 at the age of 44. In the show, he examines if enough time passed so that he can make light of his brother’s death. Byrne will continue to tour this fall, as well as perform at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

In short, Irish comedian Ed Byrne has recently produced a stand-up comedy show that is made available for viewers all over the world to enjoy via a VR headset. This immersive experience for fans presents them with an opportunity to witness Byrne perform with a close-up angle and audience reactions. Byrne is not uncomfortable with the idea of becoming a VR comedian, he is more concerned about whether this innovation might prevent fans from going to live shows. He also is certain that artificial intelligence will not be taking over his profession any time soon. The project was produced in collaboration with PICO Headset, a company known for designing and producing innovative consumer products. Byrne, who has been doing stand-up comedy for over thirty years, continues to tour his Tragedy Plus Time show in dedication to his brother who passed away in February 2022.