England and New Zealand Women’s Soccer Teams Abandon White Shorts over Menstrual Anxiety


England and New Zealand’s respective women’s national soccer teams recently announced big changes to their uniforms – the removal of white shorts. This change has come in response to the global shift away from female athletes wearing white shorts, with numerous players voicing concern over period anxiety while playing soccer.

Hannah Wilkinson, a player on New Zealand’s team, Ford Football Ferns, particularly highlighted the importance of the change as “fantastic for women with any kind of period anxiety” and “recognition and appreciation of women’s health.” England’s team, the Lionesses, have followed suit, replacing white shorts with blue ones.

Sportswear giant, Nike Inc., has also taken note of period anxiety concerns voiced by players such as Beth Mead, of England’s team. The company has created a new kit for a total of 13 national teams, including Australia, New Zealand, and Brazil, that will incorporate technology to avoid period leaks. The Manchester City football team and the Irish women’s rugby team are other organizations that have made the effort to ditch white shorts for their female team members over similar worries.

It is encouraging to witness sporting organizations take an active step forward in truly considering the needs and concerns of their female athletes. By partnering with Nike Inc. and making a commitment to wearing athletic and suitable uniforms, teams like Ford Football Ferns and Lionesses are encouraging female sports players having have period anxiety and menstrual issues to feel supported and empowered.