Exploring New Experiences with Sarah Peterson from The Nudge


In this Found episode, Becca and Amanda are joined by Sarah Peterson from The Nudge, a startup that actually encourages people to get out of their comfort zones and try new things. With the help of local hosts, Sarah and her team of creators come up with ideas of fun activities people can do in their cities. On top of that, Sarah gives her perspective of what it’s like to team up with family and share the venture of entrepreneurship.

The Nudge’s goal is to create an enjoyable environment for each and every user. Through text message reminders and friendly hosts, this startup is making it easier for people to break away from the monotony of life and try something new. The platform focuses on creating experiences that are community-driven, so users know they are completely safe and in good company. With over 10,000 users engaging in unique experiences through The Nudge, it’s clear that the idea has caught on with people across the country.

Sarah Peterson is one of the founders of The Nudge, a co-founder and COO that has been integral in the success of the startup. She has a dynamic personality, combining creativity and business acumen, that allows her to bring people together while creating a memorable experience that is personalized to each user. This is what makes her a great leader, which is becoming increasingly important in the current tech-driven world. Operating under a family venture, the siblings offer passion and dedication that one can rarely find.

Overall, this Found episode offers a great opportunity to explore the entrepreneurial spirit and a startup that wants to make a difference. While navigating the challenges of entrepreneurship and business, Sarah Peterson and her team at The Nudge hope to lead the way in inspiring people to try new things, to break from their ordinary routines and create unforgettable experiences. With Sarah’s leadership, The Nudge will continue to achieve its goal of encouraging people to expand their horizons and have fun.