Exploring Tech-Enabled Possibilities with Cricket


The Indian Premier League (IPL) hit an all-time high in regards to video views at the start of this 16th edition- with 147 crore video views over the opening weekend! In addition, a whopping 2.5 crore downloads of the JioCinema app in one day, a whopping 5 crore downloads of the app over the week, and averaging 57 minutes per viewer per match, this week has showcased extraordinary engagement from cricket-lovers across India.

This unprecedented viewership marks a milestone in the evolution of cricket. JioCinema’s platform boasted an intuitive user interface, with the added element of ‘hyper mode’ ensuring that cricket-enthusiasts had scorecards, partnership tallies, bowling figures and other engaging graphics right at their fingertips.

Prior to the development of the JioCinema app, spectators of live sport relied solely on websites and television. This digital platform has ushered in new opportunities and added convenience for cricket fans.

The JioCinema app has revolutionized the experience of watching cricket, even going as far as allowing users to form groups and circles and engage in discussion during a live game, as well as share memes and gifs. With features like these, the user interface of viewing cricket is limitless.

This growth in popularity and viewership has been helped immensely by the Jio network. With higher speeds, larger capacity and high availability, Jio’s network has enabled an enjoyable viewing experience for cricket fans across India. Not only does Jio’s high-speed internet facilitate a smooth, low-latency viewing experience, but also enables IPL fans to stay connected and engaged in real-time.

On the IPL’s opening week JioCinema, powered by the Jio network, has set a precedent in the evolution of cricket viewing. This entertainment platform has heralded in a new technological future to the sport, and continues to revolutionize the way cricket is watched. Long-awaited days of appointment viewing are over, and the possibilities of user-interface with cricket are limitless.

Jio is a leading telecom provider in India and part of the Reliance Industries Limited umbrella. Led by its Chairman and Managing Director Mukesh Ambani, Jio has been actively involved in projects focused on bringing digital revolution in India while constantly augmenting its services and expanding its base by bringing in more accessible technology.

The IPL has been spearheaded by chairperson, Brijesh Patel, who aims to further the growth of the IPL and the sports culture of India through newer, better technologies and platforms. He is focused on ensuring IPL’s expansion through digital platforms and also works towards motivating states to focus more on the improvement of sports.

The first week of the 16th edition of the IPL has been monumental for cricket fans, and the future looks entire promising. With its launch on the JioCinema platform, the 21/90 rule of establishing a habit is literally in effect. With the tremendous support of the Jio network, IPL further strengthens its digital ecosystem and expands its viewership to reach unprecedented heights. As we witness the thrill and excitement of this season unfold, it is clear that the possibilities in cricket viewing are boundless.