F1 Racing Going on a Month-Long Hiatus


Formula One teams will have some much-needed time off from the racetrack this April as the sport takes a break between the Melbourne triple-header and the next race in Azerbaijan. This pause in racing comes with the unfortunate cancellation of the Shanghai round due to the continuing tightening of Covid-19 restrictions.

The gaps in racing will provide welcome relief for the teams and their drivers. The time off will give them a chance to rest, get ready for the next race, and to tweak or repair equipment that was damaged in the previous race. Max Verstappen and Fernando Alonso highlighted their desire to keep racing as a way to either sustain their momentum or make up for setbacks, which could spell issues for their teams after the break.

In a season that is set to have a record 23 races, the break provides a much-needed respite for those who have been grinding away on the track or in the pits. Guenther Steiner of the Haas team has instructed his team to take it easy and they can be grateful for the respite from the relentless schedule. The teams will also use the break to work on upgrades to existing equipment and make sure they’ll be more prepared for the more physically taxing races like in Baku and Interlagos later in the year.

Besides the break, Formula One is looking into further changes to the sprint weekend format and having a standalone race on Saturdays. Formul One CEO Stefano Domenicali wants to make sure that the sport remains more exciting and dynamic, so fans will have to stay tuned.

The mentioned company in the article is McLaren, a British automotive company founded in 1963. It designs and manufactures race cars, along with its other offerings in the automotive industry. Apart from Formula One, its participation in IndyCar and Formula E have also been pivotal to its success.

The person mentioned in the article is Charles Leclerc, a Formula One driver who races for the Ferrari team. He has been in the F1 circuit since 2018 and is touted to be one of the best drivers in the scene. To date, he has 6 pole positions and 2 race wins, and his potential-filled performances have led him to a long-term deal with the prestigious Ferrari team.