Finding a Moment of Solace in the Game of Golf – Canadian Jazz Musician Matthew V on Why He Rediscovered the Sport


Canadian Jazz Musician Matthew V knows first-hand how quickly life can pass by and the need for respite from the whirlwind nature of the everyday. Matthew’s career in the music industry began from a young age, being trained in jazz and musical theater. After moving to London to study at music school, he returned to Canada, where he found success as a singer and songwriter.

Matthew understood that shift in musical direction was going to take up more of his time and energy, which is why golf is so important in his life. For Matthew, golf has been an escape from the busyness of everyday life. “Anytime I’m on tour, I immediately make plans to go find the nearest golf course – it’s the only time (other than flying in an airplane) that I turn my phone off to truly relax,” he says.

This passion for golf was instilled in him at a young age as his father was an avid member of multiple golf clubs. His competitive streak was found on the links, as he played in tournaments and practiced as often as he could. Recently, Matthew returned to the golf course and he now has a new-found appreciation for the craft and its mental and physical benefits.

Not only is the game a way to constructively spend a break from his career, but it has also helped Matthew build meaningful relationships with other people. He sees this as an important part of life, especially in the world of music. The time spent out on the course allows for conversations to work their way in and for authentic bonds to be formed.

For Matthew V, his golf journey is part of his life story. His passion for the game, as well as his need for a break, is what inspires his title “Life Moves So Much Faster Than It Once Did And Golf Is A Really Beautiful Pause To All That”. Matthew’s new album of jazz standard songs will be out this year, and alongside his tour, he plans to make the best out of his golf exhibitions.

Matthew V is not the only musician to turn to golf for respite, as musicians across different genres have embraced the sport. From Bing Crosby singing “Straight down the Middle” and hosting the “Clambake” pro-am at Pebble Beach to self-professed golf addict and hard rocker Alice Cooper, golf has been a popular choice for artists to find balance.

At the end of the day, golf is helping Matthew V find a much-needed pause from his whirlwind lifestyle in the music industry, allowing him to relax and refocus. His message rings true for beginners and seasoned pros alike – as life moves so much faster than it once did, golf is a beautiful and meaningful pause to it all.