Fred Trump, Donald Trump’s Father, Arrested Twice: KKK Riot and Building Code Violations


Donald Trump, the former president of the United States, recently made history by being the first US president ever to be charged with a crime. However, he is not the first person in his family to be arrested, according to reports regarding his father Fred Trump. Previously unheard-of information has recently resurfaced to indicate that Fred Trump had been detained by police twice – once in 1927 and another time in 1976.

Fred Trump’s first arrest occurred in 1927 during a Ku Klux Klan riot in Queens, New York. On Memorial Day, 1000 Klansmen marched through the city after two Italian fascists were killed by police in the area. The Klansmen were met by approximately 100 policemen, resulting in a violent clash. After the dust settled, seven people were arrested, one of whom being Fred Trump. It remains unclear what role he may have played in the event.

In 1976, Fred Trump was arrested in Maryland for not adhering to local building code violations. At the time, he owned a 504-unit complex in the county called Gregory Estates and he was apprehended at the property. Upon investigation, the facility was found to have broken several regulations, mainly concerning broken windows, defective rain gutters, and lack of fire extinguishers. While this is usually handled with a notice or a penalty, Fred Trump’s case was so severe that the local housing officials filed an arrest warrant against him. Despite considerable effort from Fred Trump’s legal team, he was eventually detained with a $1,000 bond and was released soon after.

It is interesting to note that former President Ulysses S. Grant was also arrested once for speeding in a horse-drawn carriage, albeit in a much less serious manner – he was released on a bail of $500.

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