Gashmeer Mahajani Finds Satisfaction in Films and Web Series Over Daily Soaps


Gashmeer Mahajani, who is currently playing Viraj in ‘Tu Zakhm Hai 2’, is a well-known face of the Marathi and Hindi entertainment industries. He made his Hindi film debut with ‘Muskurake Dekh Zara’ and also acted in TV shows and participated in a dance reality show. Recently, Gashmeer spoke about the kind of work he is getting, his interest in exploring different mediums, and his role in the web series. According to him, films and web series are more satisfying than daily soaps.

Gashmeer said that for an actor to be truly successful, they must give it their all in front of the camera, and that’s what he does. He believes that he is very “authentic” while shooting and tries to stay true to the character he plays. Gashmeer shared that he tries to stay away from revealing too much of himself to the audience, while still managing to convey his character.

Gashmeer is enjoying his role in the web series ‘Tu Zakhm Hai 2’, where he plays Viraj. According to him, he achieved something real with his characters and the mannerism of his character is convincing and real. However, Gashmeer does prefer films and web series over daily soaps, as it provides him with more satisfaction and he feels that he can truly express himself as an actor.

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Gashmeer Mahajani has always been an active actor in the Indian entertainment industry and has made a name for himself over the years. He has appeared in numerous films, web series and television shows. He has won several awards, including Best Actor at the Lokmat Maharashtrian of the Year 2019 and Best Actor Award at Big Star Entertainment Awards 2020, among other accolades. Gashmeer is an actor who truly believes in taking up different projects and exploring different mediums to leave a mark in the industry.