GDIT Wins $1.7 Billion Flight School Training Support Contract


General Dynamics (NYSE:GD) Information Technology (GDIT), has earned a five-year base period and seven option years contract worth $1.7 billion to provide Flight School Training and Program Support Services contract in support of the U.S. Army Aviation Center of Excellence. This partnership with the U.S. Army Program Executive Office for Simulation, Training and Instrumentation will allow GDIT to do what it does best—educate and prepare the next generation of Army aviators.

GDIT, a business unit of General Dynamics, will provide the Army with training using advanced simulation technology for their 4,000 student graduates and entry-level students, so that they can excel in their positions. The facility where the training will take place is considered to be the largest of its kind in the world. Students will receive training in different types of helicopter platforms, such as cargo, attack, utility and training, and can expect GDIT to own, operate, maintain and upgrade all related equipment.

For over two decades, GDIT has provided the Army with more than a million hours of simulation training and are poised to continue to provide excellent services. Beyond their joint venture with the Army, the company’s experienced staff also provides modern training environments across different domains—live, virtual and constructive solutions along with multi-domain operations training.

General Dynamics is a renowned global aerospace and defense company, providing an expansive portfolio of products and services in business aviation, ship construction and repair, land combat vehicles, weapons systems, munitions, and technology products and services. Currently, the organization employs more than 100,000 people and had a revenue of $40.38 billion in 2022.

John Goodman, the president of GDIT and a leader in the Information Technology industry, is eager and optimistic to continue supporting the nation’s aviators with cost-effective and modern training capabilities. His career at General Dynamics has been successful and substantial since he joined the firm in 1999 as vice president. With a proven track record for negotiating and developing innovative solutions for government clients, Goodman, a veteran himself, allots his business experience to foster and support the development of the Army’s newest recruits.