GQG Anticipates Positive Profit from $2-Billion Adani Investment


GQG Partners Inc., the Florida-based asset management firm run by Rajiv Jain, CIO and founder, carries an impressive track record of finding lucrative investments amidst market turbulence. Despite being a stark contrast to more conventional investments, Jain recently made a substantial bet on Indian conglomerate Adani Group, worth around $2 billion. He predicts this bet will yield returns of over 100%, with his reasoning stemming from what he assessed as the conglomerate’s assets – Adani’s coal mining assets, their data centers, and majority stake in Mumbai’s international airport, the latter of which he believes is worth more than the company itself.

Rajiv Jain is of Indian origin, and rather than playing it safe, he often takes a risk backing undervalued public shares – an example of his resilient and bold nature. A renowned investor, his aura may have brightened more so when US short seller Hindenburg Research put out a report earlier this year which rattled investors, accusing the Adani Group of stock-price manipulation and fraud. Much to the contrary, Jain affirmed his confidence by categorically stating that the report was not pertinent enough to deter him and that while it read like an old newspaper, companies never come without their blemishes.

GQG Partners Inc. is a specialized firm with extensive experience in investing in sectors like oil, tobacco, and banking. Aside from their concentrated investments, the company is known to benefit its clients with a diverse portfolio. Moreover, it currently holds more than $90 billion in assets. The success of the firm has been attributed to the astute and shrewd choices of Jain, which is testament to the 100% returns he expects to generate from Adani Group stock.