Has US Politics Reached Rock Bottom?


The embarrassing state of US politics of the present does not seem to be hitting rock bottom anytime soon. Donald Trump’s possible prosecution along with the polarized sides and their tribal clashes has reduced the political landscape to nothing but hurtful. Adding to the disgraceful scene, is one more figure who is eager to make waves, Kansas Governor, Alf Landon—the Republican’s 1936 presidential candidate.

Once upon a time, the Americans refused to even think of participating in such a sham of a politics. However, looks like the tables have been turned and now they are not only pitifully partaking in it, but also paying for it. While the DA in Manhattan—the elected Democrat, Alvin Bragg, has served a charge on Trump, the ones in Georgia and elsewhere are keeping the heat up!

Trump too has not held back from giving the perfect martyrdom vibes which he believes might very well work in his favor.

Alvin Bragg is a civil rights attorney and a former Assistant U.S. Attorney at the United States Attorney’s Office in Manhattan. After his graduation from Harvard Law School, he was appointed to serve as the first African-American Assistant US Attorney at the prestigious United States Attorney’s Office of Southern District of New York. In 2020, he became the first African-American District Attorney in Manhattan and is currently serving as the District Attorney of New York County.

Gov. Alf Landon was the Republican Party’s candidate for the 1936 presidential election. A successful businessman, Landon served as Kansas governor from 1933 to 1937. He was known for his progressive policies, anti-corruption stance, and his support of tax cuts. Landon was a proponent of small government and helped to reduce the Kansas state deficit during his tenure. He also pushed for social welfare reform and legislation benefiting local farmers. Landon helped to restore economic stability and create jobs during the Great Depression. His policies resonated with many, and he enjoyed considerable popularity across the US during his time in office.