Hubballi: WhatsApp Group Admins Concerned About Political Content of Messages


In Hubballi, WhatsApp group admins have raised their concerns about the electoral code of conduct, following warnings issued by the Election Commission for political messages-sharing on their groups. Looking to follow the rules and regulations, admins have resorted to taking stringent measures with some limiting their members to only post messages and others even kicking them out of their respected groups for breaching the code of conduct.

Lingaraj Dharwad, an admin of multiple business-related WhatsApp groups in Hubballi, revealed that he has taken cautious precautionary steps of restricting only admins to post messages in their groups. He has also warned their respective group members to not share any messages related to political affairs. Similarly, MK Patil, an LIC Officer, who happens to be an admin of ‘Lingaraj Nagar Friends’, a group in his locality, has urged the group members to be respectful of the law and appeal to them to stay away from any political conversations.

Lastly, Ashok Sajjan, president of Karnataka Government Rural Primary School Teachers’ Association, reported that since all their members are government teachers, they were able to manage well the received messages as they understood the repercussions. However, due to the same situation in other social groups, Ashok stated that they often had to quit such social groups for their own safety.

The article highlights the efforts made by WhatsApp group admins in Hubballi to make sure to enforce the Model Code of Conduct. Furthermore, it showcases the reminder by the Election Commission to enforce punishment for those who breach such codes as well as the concerns by admins owing to the lack of compliance from respective members of their groups.