Information on Veolia Environnement’s Total Number of Voting Rights in Share Capital


Veolia Environnement, one of the major companies in water and waste management, is headquartered in Paris, France (Paris:VIE). The company is engaged in providing sustainable solutions to use resources of water, energy and materials crisscrossing urban settlements and the industries. The ISIN number of Veolia Environnement is FR0000124141-VIE.

As per the regulatory announcement closing date on March 31, 2023 Veolia Environment has 714,574,367 shares forming the share capital. After taking into account the number of shares with double voting rights and number of treasury shares held as of on the same date, the total number of theoretical voting rights comes out to be 730,724,129, and the total number of voting rights that may be exercised is 718,311,328. It is to be noted that in the Articles of Association, Veolia Environnement has included a clause regarding reporting obligation for the declaration of crossing a shareholding threshold as per the French law and the regulations in force.

Known for its environmental compliance, the company has presence in France, where it serves as a player in the energy production, water management and waste treatment. It also has worldwide footprint, with noted operations in North America, Europe, Middle East and Africa, Latin America, and Asia. The company is headed by CEO Antoine Frérot and it is listed in Euronext Paris stock exchange since 1997. Veolia Environnement is dedicated towards high-level sustainability and environmental compliance, and strives to make the communities a better and cleaner place to live.