Investor Day: Get Updated on Consumer Wellbeing


Walmart (ticker: WMT) is the world’s largest retail company and its size and scale make it a perfect barometer to analyze the current state of the consumer. To that end, Walmart will host its 2021 Investor Day on Tuesday and Wednesday this week, leading to speculation of the e-commerce giant’s current outlook.

Given the tumultuous year retailers had in 2022 and the ever-changing economic landscape, investors may seek out fewer changes at the meeting in order to take solace in the familiarity of good news. In addition, after significantly lowering its fiscal 2022 outlook, Walmart plans to stay conservative as it regains its footing.

Despite the ongoing changes, research shows that Walmart’s customer base has stayed strong and that the company continues to offer low-cost options for key items, challenging competitors such as Target (TGT). In a recent report from RBC Capital Markets’ Steven Shemesh, it was found that in March the average basket of core consumer goods decreased by 4.1% compared to February at Walmart, while the same basket increased by 2.9% at Target.

For consumers looking for stability throughout the pandemic, Walmart’s strategy to prioritize value and offering promotions for items such as Tide laundry detergent and Clorox disinfecting wipes has continued to entice shoppers. While it’s impossible to guarantee what will come out of Walmart’s investor day, this consistency may be a sign of confidence for the big box giant and its customers alike.